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Gross Point Blank - Schalke seek out Spurs flop to rescue them from history

Senior club officials at Schalke discuss their recent recruitment choices. This week, Schalke 04 surprised us all with the appointment of Christian Gross as their new coach. The Bundesliga’s bottom club currently have as many points as coaches this season. Can the former, Spurs, Basel and Stuttgart boss save the club from relegation and stop a winless run which could put one of Germany's biggest clubs in the wrong sort of history books? Hands up who remembers 1997? I only have vague memories as I was mostly wasted. However, I do clearly remember that fateful press conference in London when Tottenham Hotspur unveiled their new coach, Christian Gross to an expectant media and he produced a London Underground ticket that he used to travel to the stadium, claiming that it was the ticket of his dreams. When Spurs Chairman, Alan Sugar hired Gross it was out of the blue. The Swiss coach had won two Swiss Championships a

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