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The Sound of Football World Cup quiz

Welcome to our World Cup quiz. All you have to do is match the 32 bits of trivia that are unique to the 32 teams that are taking part in the 2022 World Cup. Take your time, you can answer them in any order and swap the answers around as much as you like. You can even google the answers, if you like - no one's checking. Just have fun with it and share it with others. Good luck! All information is accurate up to the start of the 2022 World Cup. Start the quiz! Select a country for each bit of trivia, when all 32 boxes are filled you'll be able to check how many you've got right. This country received 65 out of the 200 votes in the final poll to find the host of the 2026 World Cup   At 1 minute and 120+1 minutes this country holds both records for the earliest and the latest red cards in a World Cup match   He represented Ireland in 1990 but for this World Cup Chris Hughton is part of th

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