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Show notes: Podcast 318

Show notes: Podcast 317

Weekend Boxset: Not the Club World Cup

Weekend Boxset: Derbies d'Itlalia, Manchester, Merseyside and London

The Hinrunde-in: A look at the final few weeks of 2017 in the Bundesliga

Show notes: Podcast 316

Roadtrip Diary - SV Darmstadt 98 vs. SV Sandhausen

Weekend Boxset: The first doors of your advent calendar

Show notes: Podcast 315

Weekend Boxset: Inter, City and Barnsley

Kevin Prince Boateng once again stands up against racism

Look away now: Podcast 314 - our World Cup 2018 draw

Show notes: Podcast 314

Matchday 12 Takeaways - Kruse Control

Weekend Boxset: Derbies in North London and Madrid, and John Gregory

Show notes: Podcast 313

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