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Bundesliga Review - Gripping finale aside from Klassiker pair by Archie Rhind-Tutt

Show notes: Podcast 149

Loveys’ 2.Bundesliga-Match-Day 31.

The Bundesliga Show Episode 98 - The Bundesliga Dominates in Semi-Finals


Socrates13 is confirmed for 8th June at the Bar And Grill in WaterlooStation at 7:30pm

Loveys’ 2.Bundesliga Betting Preview – Matchday 30

Show notes: Podcast 148

Loveys’ 2.Bundesliga Betting Preview – Matchday 29

The Bundesliga Show Episode 97 - Bayern wrap up the title in double time

Show notes: Podcast 147

Loveys' 2.Bundesliga Betting Preview - Matchday 28

The Bundesliga Show Episode 96 - Almost for Bayern & Bye Bye Marco Kurz

Show notes: Podcast 146

The Bundesliga Show - Bayern Munich v Juventus Special

Bundesliga Review - Same old Bayern, taking the Piz by Archie Rhind-Tutt

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