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Show notes: Podcast 307

Weekend Boxset: Crisis at Bayern

The impending death of 50+1

Match day 6 Takeaways – Crisis in Hamburg, what else is new?

Match day Takeaways Week 5 – The Name's James

Weekend Boxset: Easy Charleroi, let's get there in one piece

Die Fuggerstädter slay Die Roten Bulle – Are the ‘other’ Bavarians destined to be one of this season’s surprise packages?

Show notes: Podcast 306

Match day Takeaways Week 4 - A VAR kind of weekend

What does the Arsenal v Köln game tell us about segregation?

Weekend Boxset: 15-17 September - Keeping it Real

Match day Takeaways - Week 3

Five anecdotes about Ansgar Brinkmann

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