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Show notes: Podcast 519

Sound of Football Podcast 519 - 2022 Advent Calendar

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There are twenty four of the biggest football topics for the upcoming year behind the doors of our Advent Calendar. A host of some of our favourite football writers and broadcasters join us to help out with our epic Christmas special.

With Graham Sibley, Jan Bilton and Terry Duffelen.

Duration: 2.22.18 | Filesize: 163MB (MP3)

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Guest list
Archie Rhind Tutt
A regular face on ESPN’s Bundesliga coverage, Archie is a freelance broadcaster and journalist based in Germany. Archie has appeared a number of times on the podcast and was last on the Advent Calendar in 2020.
Kirsten Schlewitz and Nikki Zamora
Nikki makes her first appearance on the podcast, Kirsten appeared on the Advent Calendar in 2019. Both can be found on Unusual Efforts (which Kirsten co-founded) - a project that champions the voices of women and non-binary football media creators. Kirsten’s book on Napoli More than Maradona is set to be published in 2023.
Ian King
Now a features writer on Football365, long time friend of the show Ian opens a door on the Advent Calendar for the fourth year in a row.
Jon Driscoll and Terry Gibson
Jon is a football commentator, author and hosts the La Liga Weekly podcast alongside the 1988 FA Cup winner with Wimbledon, Terry Gibson. Jon makes his fifth appearance on the podcast his second on the advent calendar, but it’s a debut for Terry.
David Hatrrick
David is a football writer and podcast and returns to the Advent Calendar having previously appeared alongside Chris Nee in 2020. David is the author of Silver Linings which tells the story of Bobby Robson’s eight year spell as England manager. He’s also part of the team that puts together The Hundred.
Advent calendar door listing
1Antonio Conte2.50
3VAR light8.21
4European Super League[1]12.26
5Union Berlin[1]20.39
6Erling Haaland27.51
7Pep Guardiola29.41
8Harry Kane33.35
9Jude Bellingham37.22
11English boys in Serie A[2]54.26
13Cristiano Ronaldo1.04.57
14Newcastle United1.08.19
15Gianni Infantino[3]1.14.18
16Women’s World Cup 20231.25.09
17The €1 million woman1.28.28
20Kylian Mbappe[4]1.44.07
21Jurgen Klopp1.54.25
22The Saturday 3 embargo1.57.17
23Gareth Southgate[5]2.02.17
24The fan-led review of football2.15.43
[1] with Archie Rhind Tutt
[2] with Kirsten Schlewitz and Nikki Zamora
[3] with Ian King
[4] with Jon Driscoll and Terry Gibson
[5] with David Hartrick
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