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Warnock: You'll all suffer my wrath

Play Off Special

Warnock: Just swallowed a lemon
Warnock: Just swallowed a lemon
Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock swore to exact vengeance on the entire football community following his teams crushing play off defeat to Wolves this bank holiday.

"There is no way we should have lost that game today." Warnock said gracelessly."The referee was against us, the media was against us. Even the opposition were against us.".

Warnock went on to criticised Wolves manager Dave Jones' goalscoring tactics as "cynical".

"The game had only been going for five minutes before they score their first goal." he ranted, "I mean, do we really need that kind of behavior in the modern game."

The Blades manager also had a few words to say against the referee who controversially awarded United a penalty but refused to allow them to retake it. "I couldn't believe referee Bennett's decision. I was quite obvious to everyone in the ground that the keeper saved the penalty but the ref did nothing."

"I'm sick to death of the shabby treatment given to me and my players!", foamed Warnock. " Trust me. This isn't the end. The world of football will pay a terrible price for this. We are going no where. Whats more we'll be back."

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