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A Wee Spot Of Bother

Johnny P remembers a classic FA Cup Final

Pundit: Noted for his dribbling
Pundit: Noted for his dribbling
More memorable than the 'Pundit final'
More memorable than the 'Pundit final'
Waterton: Taking a healthy draught
Waterton: Taking a healthy draught
Funny old thing, Football. For instance, the 1953 FA Cup Final between Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers. Didn't play myself, but it was a rum old do...
Off the ball niggles
Of course, it was the Matthews final, and the other Stanley, Mortensen, scored a hat-trick — the only player so to do in a Cup Final (not a record in much danger yesterday). But the match was also notable for a series of off the ball niggles between a pal of mine, Alfie Barnsbury of the Wanderers, and Sam Waterton of Blackpool. Probably most spectators were too dazzled by Matthews' wingplay to notice it.
Fisherman's Friend
They didn't notice the follow up, either. Blackpool won, of course, and Sam Waterton and the other Blackpool players paraded their cup down the pitch to their fans. At one point, they left the Cup unattended. All the Wanderers fans, disconsolate, had gone home; the Blackpool fans were cheering their heroes. Unnoticed by anyone but me my pal Alfie sauntered over to the Cup, popped out his Fisherman's Friend and promptly popped a huge widdle into the most prized domestic trophy in world football.
Vintage year
Naturally the Blackpool players assumed some kind soul had filled the Cup with celebratory champagne. Each took a healthy swig — particularly, to Alfie's satisfaction, 'Wee Wee Waterton', as he was known thereafter when the story, ah, "leaked". Champagne not being a commodity in much evidence in 1950s Blackpool, the players giggled after each swig and remarked how the bubbles went up your nose. "Glad that's over, Alfie?" I asked him. He smiled wryly. "Relieved", he said.

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