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Wenger: We Are The Masters Of You All

Wenger is God, says Arsene

Wenger: We are here...and the enemy is... here
Wenger: We are here...and the enemy is... here
Dynamo Kiev: exposed
Dynamo Kiev: exposed
Arsene Wenger went on record immediately after his team's victory in the Champion's League this week to state that Arsenal were the greatest team in Europe if not the World.

"We have proved tonight that Arsenal can conquer any opposition, and we fear no-one" Wenger boasted. "All teams should bow at our feet, WE ARE ARSENAL, WE ARE YOUR OVERLORDS!"
Garlic Butter
The Arsenal manager was in celebratory mood after his team scraped their first win in the Champions League with a last minute goal against a clueless Dynamo Kiev side on Wednesday night.

"Our march onto Europe goes on unabated," continued Wenger to a rapidly emptying press conference. "All who challenge us will be met with the same treatment. We go on to Milan, they are defeated already."

When asked to expand on this comment in light of the demolition Arsenal suffered at the hands of Inter earlier in the tournament, Wenger answered by sticking his fingers in his ears and said "la-la-la-la-la".

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