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Orion Bag Attacks

You may fire when ready

Hard at it: Orion Bag writers living the dream
Hard at it: Orion Bag writers living the dream
Orion Slave Girl: Must stay at least 100 parsecs away from
Orion Slave Girl: Must stay at least 100 parsecs away from
The producers of The Onion Bag are proud to announce their latest comedy website The Orion Bag.
Flogging a dead taunton
The Orion Bag plans to plug the gap in the market for science fiction comedy which can be read online while standing on one leg and wearing a bucket over your head. The story's are fictional, sometimes tied to real events and use classic, and not so classic, Sci-fi movies, TV shows, comics and books as their backdrop... and they're supposed to be funny.
Editor in Chief of the acclaimed football satire website The Onion Bag Duffman initially turned down the chance to take up the reins as editor of it's new sister. "The publishers wanted me to do all this extra work without any extra pay so I told them to get f**ked." he told The Orion Bag's intrepid reporter Gak 2.0. "However, once I received pictures of my cat strung up by by its legs over a mechanical meat grinder I was quick to change my tune."
For God's Sake strap yourselves down
The Orion Bag's crack team of writers were swiftly recruited from The Other Bag and hearded into the cargo hold of the first ship to the United States. After a 16 hour arduous journey with five transfers and no movie they arrived in that creative hot bed known only as Middle America to the basement of that house where Wolfgang used to live and built that funky spaceship in the movie Explorers. From there, under the direct supervision of the reconstitued body of Dr Zarkov's former assistant Munson, they labour to produce stories of satirific science fictional splendour for your entertainment. With a few Orion slave girls thrown in.

The Orion Bag is online now. In fact I think you'll find an advert for it underneath.

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