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Everyone Goes To Bolton In The End

Johnny tips his hat to the Reebok

Pundit: Out to grass, or out to lunch?
Pundit: Out to grass, or out to lunch?
Fabregas: Old git
Fabregas: Old git
Central Lancs Retirement Home for the Formerly Talented
Central Lancs Retirement Home for the Formerly Talented
Funny old thing, Football. For instance, Bolton Wanderers. One of the great old names of English Football. Where all the great old names of non-English football go to die.
Let’s face it, Bolton is where the has-beens, yesterday’s megastars and faded super-talents are put out to grass. In some ways, it’s not a bad strategy at all. It’s like the end of the food chain: you get spotted by Arsenal, then bought for millions by Chelsea or United. And finally you wind up at Bolton, experiencing twinges of nostalgia for your chauffeur-driven Merc as you jump off the bus at the Reebok stadium.
Still, can’t wait for the team that’ll trot out at the Reebok in ten years’ time. There’ll be a greying Thierry Henry; a balding John Terry; and a lumbering Didier Drogba (not everything will change in the future, readers). Or in fifteen years’ time: Fabregas feeding passes to Torres and Rooney.
All of which leads me to one conclusion. Bolton don’t need a youth policy, or a bigger transfer budget; no, all they need is a potion for reversing the ageing process. If Gary Megson can get that one cracked - I can see him now in his laboratory in the basement of the Reebok, clutching a smoking phial and cackling - then all Bolton’s problems will be solved.

After all, I’d put more money on Megson rescuing Bolton by inventing the impossible than I would on his rescuing Bolton through his management skills.

Yours aye,
Johnny Pundit

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