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Juan El Pundittto’s Mundo del Footie

Punditto: viejos tontos farto
Punditto: viejos tontos farto
The Pundits' living room, yesterday
The Pundits' living room, yesterday
The authentic taste of Spain
The authentic taste of Spain
Funny old thing, Football. For instance, Spain. Also-rans for donkeys’ years, now everybody wants to be Spanish.
I’m no different, gentle reader. I was so impressed by Spain’s brand of elegant, intelligent football that I have in fact become Spanish. A quiet night in at my hacienda in Cheam South reveals a traditional Spanish scene.
Of an evening, I will manage to persuade Mrs Pundit to reluctantly set down ‘Hola!’ magazine, and help me recreate bull fights in our living room. Mrs P is impressively redolent of a large, crazed animal, huffing smoke from her nostrils and apparently in search of a china shop in which to make whoopee.
Dramatic thrusts
In fetching us both our Ovaltines on our ‘Friends of the National Trust’ tea tray, I think nothing of throwing a few flamenco shapes around our kitchen, sticking out my pert if wrinkly bottom in a series of dramatic thrusts before spooning the nation’s favourite night drink into our Timothy Whites mugs with a snap of the wrist.
As I say, Mrs P has entered into the spirit too, regularly producing a form of tapas which we like to regard as a ‘fusion’ between Cheam South and Andalusia. For instance, alongside the patatas bravas and the tortilla, we like to have a few custard creams, some pickled onions and a selection of home made jams.

I love being Spanish. I don’t know about you?

Pip pip, amigos!
Johnny Pundit

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