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Arsenal Finance

Solve your cash problems with a no-cost loan

Arsenal Finance: we know your'e good for it
Arsenal Finance: we know your'e good for it
Investing in your future
Investing in your future
Waiting to take your call
Waiting to take your call
All football clubs carry some personal debt around with them. It could be win bonuses in arrears or an over draught extension following your latest multi million pound transfer or a last minute cash withdrawal for those special pay outs that keep the wheels in motion.
Crushing burden
These days however, with mounting costs of agent's fees, player's wages and sacked manager payouts the amount of club debt has never been higher. The next thing you know there's more going out than coming in and you just don't know where the next six figure sponsorship deal is coming from.
Well, your troubles could be over with a loan from Arsenal Finance
We at Arsenal Finance understand how difficult it can be to survive in the dog eat dog world of professional football and we are here to help. We can offer loans for as little as 0% interest which will really get you back on your feet. How do we do it? Easy, we just don't ask for the money back. Don't believe us? Just read this testimony from our happy customer.
Meet Jean Marc
"I am the manager of a small football club in Belgium. I had a few problems making my commitments for our soccer school in the Ivory Coast. It looked like it might have to close. I gave Arsenal Finance a call and they were really helpful. Thanks to them, I was able to borrow one million euros and now I have almost an entire team of cheap African players on my team. I actually sold one of them back to Arsenal for one and a half million pounds."
Don't delay
So, if you want a no cost loan from £1 to £50 million then pick up the phone now and give Arsenal Finance a ring. We are waiting to take your club... I mean call.

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