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Bunga Din

With apologies to Rudyard Kipling

Exceedingly good
Exceedingly good
If you can keep your head
If you can keep your head
Bung-le book
Bung-le book
You may talk o' WAGs and beer

When you're quartered safe out 'ere,

An' you're sent to Selhurst Park an' Aldershot it;

But for football's bricks and morter

An' for getting your fair quarter

It's the agents boots you'll lick until you've got it.

Now in Pompey's sunny climb

Or if Bolton's more your line

In the service of 'er majesty the green.

Of all that skulky crew

The dodgiest I knew

Was that shark infested shyster Bunga Din

He was "Din Din Din"

My gambling debts are grim

A transfer I'll be needing pretty soon<

A signing on fee too

You cigar chumping idol Bunga Din

I shall not forget the night

I was tackled out of spite

And a stud was where my kneecap should have been

Then the red tops found me worst

Off with ladies with a thirst

In a boozer when I should have been at Gym

It was Bunga Din Who spied me

With my knee knack and alimony

And engineered a trip for me to Spain

I've always fancied a Brazilian

An' I pocketed a million

With no cause for the taxman to take the strain.

"Whats more I can replace yer.With African slave labour"

You have thought of everything my mate Din

So my troubles are at an endAt the cost of ten per cent

He's a better man than I that Bunga Din

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