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April Follies

FA come clean over Wembley hoax

Barwick: Joker
Barwick: Joker
New Wembley: Not what it seems
New Wembley: Not what it seems
Pulling out all the stops
Pulling out all the stops
The entire football and entertainment community has been left aghast by the shocking revelation that the new Wembley Stadium project is nothing more than an elaborate April Fools gag.

Fans, the media and professionals have all been left confused and angry by the amazing truth that the new flag ship stadium is nothing more than a not-so-cheap stunt.
Midnight toker
"The joke's on you", chortled FA prankster in chief, Brian Barwick. "It's been great watching you lot run around for the past few months, but today on April 1st we can finally come clean."

So addicted are they to childish pranks - they even tried to convince the packed press room that the stadium had been built - but upside down. But no one would seriously be stupid enough to run that story.
Game for a Laugh
"We love a laugh", explained Barwick. "Why only last week, I threw a lit banger into David Davies's office. I had to get him back after he put three kippers behind the radiator in my office when i went on holiday for two weeks.

"Of course the biggest gag was making you lot believe that we'd even got rid of the old stadium. Mind you, it cost millions to maintain the hoax - but it was worth every penny. No really, I have no regrets... Oh God I'm so depressed."

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