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Henry's Run

Thierry must escape Arsenal or face renewal

Time is running out
Time is running out
You can\'t hide it forever
You can\'t hide it forever
Agutter: Must stay at least 100 yards away from.
Agutter: Must stay at least 100 yards away from.
The Arsenal Dome gives its citizens life, glory, luxury, wealth and security from the out-side world. Until you hit 30.

Luxury, wealth, women, medals (even if they are for losing) are at the whim of the young Gunner. For him, life is a playground with millions watching him play and scrap like carefree puppies. But by his third decade, he is old and unwanted. His options are death, renewal or running.
Thierry Henry is one of Arsenal's greatest heroes. He is handsome, charming and fast as a gazelle. But lately there have been signs. Injury, loss of form and, most tellingly, the flashing red light on the palm of his hand that says he is 30 in August and is time is nearly up.

"The key to happiness is youth" says Arsenal's mighty Overlord Wenger. "Only the young may play. If you are old, you are finished." And for Henry that time is rapidly approaching. "There is a way back" says Wenger. "They can attempt to join the Carousel of Coaches." Many have tried and died in the attempt.
Henry hides the flashing warning of his own demise. He wears gloves when he plays. Sometimes he doesn't play at all. Sooner or later he must face reality: Submit or run...

The Ancient Archives tell of those who have escaped: Robert, Manu, Patrick. Names that have an echo of familiarity but whose faces do not come readily to mind. Dennis hid the truth for years but was unmasked for what he was and subjected to the humiliating public ordeal of Testimonial. Others like Nigel and Lee have been reduced to flickering images that exist only as projections on the back of the retina.
As the sands of time run out for Henry, there are those who see his story as an allegory about Society's obsession with youth and beauty and rejection of age and wisdom. Someone could make a film about it. Perhaps co-starring Jenny Agutter. The Onion Bag asked Ms Agutter for her opinion: "I've told you before," she said through her letterbox, "if I see you at my front gate again I'll set the dogs on you."

The Author is grateful to The Fiver for giving him the idea for this Bag.

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