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Compare The Football Club

Onion Bag ties up deal with club comparison site

For the good of thre game
For the good of thre game
Ethical collections policy
Ethical collections policy
Tactics Truck: The old girl just keeps rolling
Tactics Truck: The old girl just keeps rolling
The Onion Bag is proud to announce a new sponsorship agreement with price comparison website Compare The Football Club.

Compare The Football Club helps indolent tycoons and entrepreneurs on their last legs to buy a desperate football club. Simply enter your details and the website tells you which club is best for you. The sponsorship deal is for two years and guarantees the servicing costs of the Onion Bag's mobile HQ the Tactics Truck.
Compare The Football Club has helped dozens of people find the perfect club for them.

"I was a Prime Minister of a far east country until fate dealt me a cruel hand and I lost my job." said Mr Tak of West London "I was also in a spot of bother with the Government over unpaid taxes and needed a place to secure my funds until I resolved matters. Compare The Football Club helped me buy a club then sell it a year later. It was so easy and now my money is clean and untraceable."
Banking crisis? What banking crisis?
Trouble getting funding? No Problem! Compare The Football Club have links with all major banks to make those leveraged takeovers hassle free.

"We was having some problems with liquidity after having some bad luck in the American Sports market" said Tom and George of Merseyside "We thought we'd never get to own a soccer club but Compare The Football Club were really helpful. They didn't talk down to us and promised not to break our thumbs if we missed a payment."
Paper free
Compare The Football Club can even help with those fiddly matters that confuse so many of us:

"I used Compare The Football Club to help funnel the profits of my club through a complex tapestry of offshore accounts." said Ken from Yorkshire "Now I live like a king with no come back on me if the club go belly up. And there was no forms to fill in. Simples"
Compare The Football Club is a registered company in the Cayman Islands. For enquiries contact Dr S A Fahim, PO Box 911, Portsmouth UK

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