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Emmanuel Carry On

Adebayor interrupts six year old birthday party

Emmanuel Adebayor: Happier Times
Emmanuel Adebayor: Happier Times
Birthday party: Artist's impression
Birthday party: Artist's impression
Clown: Cleared to participate in desigated category C children's parties
Clown: Cleared to participate in desigated category C children's parties
Emmanuel Adebayor is in trouble again after interrupting a six year old boy's birthday party at the weekend.

The child, who cannot be named for paranoid reasons is a junior Gunner and was celebrating his birthday with friends and family when the former Arsenal players barged in uninvited.
The City striker is already facing FA charges of disrepute following his goal celebrations two weekends ago which enraged Arsenal supporters and led to a rebuke from the Greater Manchester Police. Adebayor said he was sorry but insisted that the Arsenal supporters had driven him to it with their constant abuse and hurtful name calling.

He has also been punished for raking his studs against ex-team mate's Robin van Persie's face. Adebayor was banned for violent conduct and for bringing rakes into disrepute. Not just the garden rakes but those cads who hang out in bars drinking wine and leching.
Get away from him you perv
Now it seems that the Togolese striker could be in further bother with the Social Services. "Bothering children's birthday parties is soon to be a criminable offence" said leading social worker and community activist Les Dyke referring to the upcoming Unnecessary Powers Act 2009 which will outlaw the attendance of adults to children's playgrounds, parties and schools. "We intend to take this up with the filth as soon as we've washed all this blood off our hands."

The incident took place when the child was being awarded a special birthday prize by a security accredited and cleared Coco The Clown. Adebayor stormed into the the house, setting off the alarms claiming that the award was entirely undeserved and should be awarded to him by way of an apology for the way that Arsenal fans had been so rotten to him.
No win no fee
After a while, the City player calmed down, looked rather sheepish and left. The child's parent are livid and are thinking of calling one of those lawyer firms advertised on daytime TV. The child is believed to have said that the whole thing was "cool".

City have denied all knowledge of the incident, claiming that people have mixed the whole thing up with another story.

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