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Make It Hard For Homophobes

Putting the Bag on the gay bashers

Moyles: Not a faggot
Moyles: Not a faggot
"Did you just call me a poof?"
George Michael: Straight as a die
George Michael: Straight as a die
They are calling it Faggotgate and its another shocking example of homophobia thats creeping into our national media. Only this time, its a footballer who is responsible.

Last Monday, Manchester Utd and England defender Rio Ferdinand called Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles a faggot live on air to millions of impressionable teenagers. This disgraceful act of homophobia is the last thing the game needs amidst the stories of sleaze and corruption.
Game lovers
The Onion Bag calls on all lovers of the beautiful game to hit back at homophobia in football by supporting our new campaign Make it Hard For Homophobes.

For too long have our terraces been full of vitriolic anti-gay abuse such as poof, shirtlifter, c*cksucker, sh*t stabber, fudge packer, gay-boy, jobbie jabber and George Michael.
Never read the label
Well, enough is enough. We say NO TO HOMOPHOBIA. Gay people are people too. Most of them are very clean with excellent fashion sense and applying crude and unsavoury labels to them just for the sake of a cheap laugh demeans both them and us straight blokes.

Celebrities are already lending their support to our campaign: Football legend and Onion Bag columnist Johnny Pundit says "I'm pulling for the gay chappies. Not literally of course. I'm not gay... or homophobic... or anything really. Ask Mrs Pundit... no really ask her. Are you calling me a gayer?"
Call it what you want
Rio Ferdinand has also joined the fray. In a prepared statement one of his people apologized once again for his radio outburst. "Rio should never have called Chris Moyles a faggot. He should have called him a c*nt, or maybe a w*nker. At the very least a nob-end."

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