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The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #30

Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing?

20 Things That People Typed Into Their Search Engines Which Resulted In A Visit To 'Some People Are On The Pitch'

1. dartford fc fans in america
2. alan hansen scar
3. you're only as good as your last game
4. alan hansen scar on face
5. andy gray take a bow son
6. hotshot hamish
7. how do i choose when to ejaculate
8. southampton football pitch streaker
9. what does a football pitch look like ?
10. tiger woods or micah richards
11. 5 points on what happened on 27 july 1996 in ilford
12. alan hanson scar face
13. andy gray likes spurs
14. alan hansens facial scar how did he get it
15. blackburn rovers crap
16. hamish hotshot
17. how to pronounce van nistelrooy
18. mark hughes of baboon
19. metal tipped goalie gloves in scotland
20. number of chips consumed during the european football world cup, 2007

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