The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #32

A Clutch of Dynamos

17 Top-Flight Teams From Around The World With 'Dynamo' In Their Name

1. Dynamos (South Africa)
2. Dynamo Moscow (Russia)
3. Dynamo Stavropol (Russia)
4. Lusaka Dynamos (Zambia)
5. Samarqand-Dinamo (Uzbekistan)
6. Power Dynamos (Zambia)
7. Dinamo Minsk (Belarus)
8. Dynamos (Zimbabwe)
9. Dynamo Makhachkala (Russia)
10. Dynamo ?eské Bud?jovice (Czech Republic)
11. Dynamo Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
12. Dynamo Berlin (Germany)
13. Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine)
14. Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia)
15. Houston Dynamo (USA)
16. Dynamo Dresden (Germany)
17. Dynamo Bryansk (Russia)

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