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The Sound of Football

We are delighted to announce the launch of The Sound of Football, a podcast for anyone who loves the beautiful game and wants to hear three fans talking about it on a regular basis.

When it comes to football, there always seems to be something worth discussing and that, essentially, is the reason why The Sound of Football podcast came to be created. So who will you hear talking about the state of the game when you listen to one of our podcasts?

Well there's Chris Oakley, creator of Some People Are On The Pitch. He'll be fronting the show and throwing conversational bones to Terry Duffelen and Graham Sibley, who are instrumental to the success of football news satire The Onion Bag and its off-shoot Fantasy Football Agent.

We try to keep our podcasts down to a running time of around 30 minutes so that you don't get too bored, and we'll be aiming to publish our podcasts on a weekly basis, every Tuesday.

Feel free to comment on any of our podcasts. The same goes if you want to suggest a topic of conversation for us or even if there's someone you'd like us to interview on the show.

Now for the podcasts...

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