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Give Me A Break!

Eduardo a softie says David Busst

Busst: made full recovery
Busst: made full recovery
Johnny Foreigner: no staying power
Johnny Foreigner: no staying power
Far right: pleased with the tackle
Far right: pleased with the tackle
Former Coventry City defender David Busst has blasted Arsenal's Croatian midfielder Eduardo, who broke a leg playing against Birmingham last weekend.
Break a leg
Busst famously (take your pick) snapped a leg playing against Manchester United in 1996. The injury was so severe his leg was nearly amputated.

"I saw Eduardo's injury and wasn't impressed. I hate to say it about fellow professionals but all these foreign players, they're always rolling around making out injuries are worse than they are. It's not good for the game. He might have a bruise or two tomorrow, but I am a real man who got a real man's injury."
Give us a clue
Since being invalided out of the game, twisted Busst has made a full recovery but continues to skulk around the dark catacombs beneath Old Trafford - the scene of his injury - playing an organ and plotting his revenge, or something.

The Onion Bag's intrepid reporter Larry Gak ventured below and asked the ex-defender, "Must have hurt, yes?" before running away scared.
Birmingham sicks
Busst has also come out in support of Birmingham defender and captain Martin Taylor, the man who scythed Eduardo down. "People say he shouldn't be allowed to play again. That's rubbish. He needs to get back in the game as soon as possible so he can do it again. These foreigners, bloody lightweights, aren't they?"

Nick Dogbolter, chairman of Foreigners Out!, a pressure group campaigning for the exclusion of all non-English players in the game, cheered, "It's Fackin' brilliant! One less to worry about!"

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