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Obama: I Wrecked Blue Peter Garden

Presidential hopeful was Ferdinand's accomplice

Obama: Barracked
Obama: Barracked
McCain: Chips down
McCain: Chips down
Les Ferdinand: Supporter of freedom of expression
Les Ferdinand: Supporter of freedom of expression
US Presidential nominee, Barack Obama has been revealed as a member of the notorious gang who wrecked the Blue Peter garden in the 1980s.
Deep throat
The act of destroying Percy Thrower's pride and joy, 25 years ago this very month, marked a water-shed: seen by some social commentators as direct action by disaffected youth against reactionary children's media and seen by others as bored kids just messing stuff up. The identity of the perpetrators has remained shrouded in mystery ever since, with only former England international Les Ferdinand admitting he "helped a few mates over the wall".

The allegation comes just 24 hours before the population of the United States vote on who is to succeed George W Bush. Though leading his opponent, John McCain, in the polls, his campaign has been dogged by accusations from "right of centre" websites and blogs with everything from embezzlement to minor counts of baby-eating.
Smoking gun
"While there's no concrete proof that he was there, the growing amount of no-smoke-without-fire evidence is compelling," said Trevor Tebbit, author of "wholesome values and christian morality" blog kkkuk.bloggerspot.com. "Les Ferdinand has never denied that Obama was there with them, much like he has never denied that Dennis Wise was there - and everyone knows he was."

Bag Editor, Duffman, revealed more to our intrepid reporter Larry Gak: "Usually, we'd require a bit more basis before we published stuff like this. Honest. But over the past weeks we've seen US TV network Fox give prime coverage to blogs that publish this sort of rubbish, so we're cashing in too!"
Iz in ur gardin, bussin' up ur cherry trees
Democratic campaign managers however are confident that this slur will have no effect on the result: "I think the Obama administration can ride this one out, George Washington, was accused of a similar act in his youth."

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