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Brown Qwit Threat

Hull boss said he'll walk out over Twitter row

Brown: Twatted by Twitter!
Brown: Twatted by Twitter!
Twitter (other social notworking sites are available)
Twitter (other social notworking sites are available)
In good company
In good company
Phil Brown has sensationally threatened to quit as Hull City manager after being slated by a Twitter user.

The much loved Tigers boss was furious with a tweet from a member of the public who described him as "Rubbish". Brown reacted angrily to this by threatening to quit football for good.
The first sign that he was troubled by the outburst was when he updated his Facebook Status: "Think I may have to give up on Football. Too much aggression and unkindness around." Later he announced on his MySpace page: "You've convinced me. I'm obviously not good enough. I retire from Hull City henceforward. Bye everyone."

The resultant backlash caused a storm of abuse to rain down on the offending Twitterer from Brown's tens of fans. "I can't believe how much grief I'm getting. Imagine what would happen if I called him a c**t" he said in less than 140 characters.
This is the latest in a long line of Twitter related incidents involving football. Darren Bent hit the headlines for tweeting his transfer angst while at Tottenham. There have also been a number of satirists have set up hoax accounts pretending to be football managers which are hilarious until they run out of material.

Brown has been under pressure to produce results for the Tigers and has been known to get very emotional when people are nasty to him. However, it is believed that the City boss has relented and will not carry out his threat to quit.

"Arrived in Monaco for biking trip to clear my head" he said on his blog. "Feeling a little silly. I wonder if anyone else gets like this?"
Brown is believed to have borrowed Jozy Altidore's Twitter to make peace with the Twitterer who has denied being bombarded by Hull fans pleading with him to step up his hate campaign.

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