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The Friday List of Little or No Consequence #26

It'll never last...

14 British Club Football Kits From The Past That You May Not Realise Were Once Worn

1. Manchested United (home, 1922-26)
White shirts with a large red 'V', black shorts, black socks

2. Tottenham Hotspur (home, 1890-96)
Red shirts, navy blue shorts, navy blue socks

3. Celtic (home, 1888-89)
White shirts, black shorts, green socks

4. Wigan Athletic (home, 1933-34)
Red and white halved shirts, black shorts, red socks

5. Reading (home, 1891-1938)
Navy blue and white stripes, navy blue shorts, navy blue socks

6. Bolton Wanderers (home, 1912-13)
Red shirts, white shorts, red socks

7. Motherwell (home, 1900-13)
Blue shirts, white shorts, navy blue socks

8. Fulham (home, 1900-01)
Red shirts with white sleeves, white shorts, red socks

9. Aberdeen (home, 1912-39)
Yellow and black stripes, white shorts, black socks

10. Derby County (home, 1922-23)
Black and white striped shirts, black shorts, black socks

11. Everton (home, 1880-81)
Black shirts with a red diagonal stripe, black shorts, dark grey socks)

12. Liverpool (home, 1892-94)
Summer blue and white halved shirts, Navy blue shorts, navy blue socks

13. Dundee United (home, 1962-69)
White shirts, white shorts, white socks

14. Chelsea (home, 1910-27)
Summer blue shirts, white shorts, black socks)

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