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Why we don't hate MK Dons

Its probably worth pointing out that we don't particularly like the the Dons either. However, we have watched, listened and read, with some curiosity, to the collective bile and abuse levelled at the Dons, their supporters, Peter Winkleman and the city of Milton Keynes for therir part in the reloctaion of Wimbledon FC to their new home in Buckinghamshire.

The story behind the move is a murky one, full of lies, betrayels and injustices. Charles Koppel and the Wimbledon board are said to have deceieved league officials to paint a bleaker picture of the clubs finances than was the reality. League rules on ground location were changed, Winmbledon's hard core supporters were sold up the river and the club took the long journey around the M25 to MK.

For Milton Keynes part, theirs was a collective new town philosophy. Rather than develope and patiently build their own clubs from non-league football, they nabbed someone elses club and made it their own. Claims from Winkleman that such a strategy is unworkable is bollocks. With the right investment, skill and hard work, non league clubs can become established League clubs. Wycombe, Hereford Utd and Wigan Atheletic are all prime expamles of this. The trouble with that is that it takes too long and investors will not wait.

Nevertheless, despite the obvious injustice and understandable resentment Wimbledon fans feels, as a relative neurtral, I can' t help feel that things have actauly worked out for the best.

Wimbledon - selhurst - small crowds - uncaring owners - apathetic council - vulnerable.

MK - hungry - monied - new stadium- bigger crowds potentially.

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